I know that this is long overdue, but things were so busy here in May!  A trip to Asheville, camping (oh, I haven’t posted those pictures yet!), birthdays, graduations, yard sales…  Nonetheless, I did manage to finish P90X!  Here are my final numbers!

weight  -13 lbs (4 lbs under wedding weight!)

bust   -2.5 inches

waist  -4 inches

hips  -4 inches

thighs  -1.5 inches

arms  -.5 inch

I was going to start again last Monday but life got in the way (Jack came down with a nasty virus) so I’m starting up this Monday instead (the 6th).  This time I’m going to do the lean program instead of the classic and I definitely won’t be as strict about the diet since I’m just maintaining at this point.  I would definitely recommend this program to others (and have!), but it’s definitely only for those who are really serious about a change because it is HARD WORK!!

I’ll give periodic updates during this next go-round but only as results indicate that it’s needed 🙂