I’ve had a super busy week and haven’t had as much sleep as I need to function.  Today was the last day that I could continue.  I asked Mr. Thompson this morning if we could please pick lunch up on the way home from church so that I could go immediately to bed when we got home from church, and he graciously agreed.  So that’s exactly what I did.  He was so generous that he let me sleep from about 1:15-5:30!  Daniel woke me up once to lay down for his nap with me, but other than that, I was out.  🙂  But when I woke up, it was too late for us to make it to church by 6.  That was stinky, but there was no need to pout.  I cooked dinner and then asked Mr. Thompson while we were eating if we could build a little campfire and make smores.  He agreed again…that guy is great!!  We took a little walk down to the wooded area by our home.  Mr. Thompson and Daniel went into the woods to gather sticks, and Jack and I  cut some Queen Anne’s Lace to replace the flowers on the table that were fading.   Then we walked back home and started up the fire!  Here are some fun pictures and a video from our leisurely evening at home.  I love being at home with my family!!

Sorry about the shakiness of the video.  Also…just so you know…things like, “Daniel, don’t sit on Jack’s head,” are common utterances for me.