I don’t have many pictures from graduation yet.  My sister Holly, who at 15 has a MUCH nicer camera than I (I’m sticking my tongue out at her), took pictures during the ceremony so I’m just waiting for copies of hers.  BUT I do have a great story and one fun picture!

When it came obvious that it was going to rain, graduation had to moved indoors to the basketball gym instead of the stadium.  For reasons known only to Edgecombe County Public Schools, we were not permitted to bring umbrellas despite the fact that it was threatening rain long before we arrived.  I wasn’t aware of this until I was about halfway to the stadium when a very frustrated lady on her way to return her umbrella to the car informed me that umbrellas were prohibited.  So I hid mine in the grass to avoid trekking back the car. Graduation was exactly what you have come to expect from such events…important only to those involved, but extremely important to them and those who love them.  The good story actually isn’t about graduation, but the adventure that followed.

When Pomp and Circumstance was {finally} over and the last hug had been given, Renee and I started making our way to the door which was an adventure in itself.  As we entered the foyer, we overheard a man say, “If they go now, they’re going to get soaked.”  We assessed the situation.  It was a torrential downpour and about 100 people were {rudely} standing in front of the door, refusing to go and preventing anyone else from doing so.  I looked to the right.  Hmmm…the back door!  It was actually closer to my car and completely unblocked!!  We decided to go for it.  We took off out of the door, determined to walk at first but quickly deciding that we should run and get out of the rain ASAP!  Suddenly….A BRICK WALL!?!  It hadn’t occurred to us that since we graduated 16 and 13 years ago, they may have built a building or two.  Ugh…dead end.  At this point, I started laughing hysterically.  Renee wisely suggested that we take our shoes off, and we backtracked until we found a little alleyway between the main building and the new additions.  Keep in mind that it’s 10 pm, completely dark, and pouring down rain.  When the lightning flashed, we could see for an instant down the alley.  We’d run as fast as we could during the lightning flashes and run slowly in the dark.  It was so much fun, running together in the dark, laughing our heads off.  I ran ahead of Renee to get the umbrella and would yell back warnings like, “GROSS! MUD!”  I eventually got to approximately where the umbrella was, waited for the storm to illuminate the area, and then ran it back to Renee to “keep us dry” the rest of the way.  When we made it to the car, we took this fun picture.  I love my sister so much, and it was wonderful to make this fun memory with her.  I love knowing that something that we’ve just done will be a “Do you remember when…?” kind of moment.