I’ve had some questions about my adventures in couponing and on-the-cheap grocery shopping so I decided to do a quick post about this week’s shopping trips (well, today’s anyway 🙂 ).  Today I hit three stores; typically I’m not able to do this with both boys in tow but it was a short list for each store so we got in and out pretty quickly.  When I left the house this morning, I had $15 and some change in my wallet and already knew that I was not going to add a trip to the bank into our morning so my goal was to get as much real food and necessities as possible with my available money.  Here are my totals before and after coupons.

Harris Teeter original total – $14.02        paid after coupons   –  $4.24

Aldi original total                  – $9.12  (Aldi has rock bottom prices but doesn’t accept coupons.  I don’t add this in to my amount saved with coupons, but I saved approximately $5 today just by getting some things at Aldi–like milk for $1.99/gallon as opposed to $3.79 at Wal-Mart.)

Wal-Mart original total       -$2.88            paid after coupons    – $1.88

total spent this week  – $15.24

total saved from coupons  – $11.66

Looking at these two numbers, I saved 43% on my grocery bill this week.  If you consider the $5 or so that I saved by shopping at Aldi, that percentage goes up to 52%.  Essentially, if I hadn’t used coupons today, I would have come home with only my Harris Teeter purchases: napkins, yogurt, Crystal Light, and sandwich meat.  Instead, I came home with all of this.

Someone will notice the cake icing.  No, it’s not exactly a necessity but today is my sweet husband’s birthday and buying the icing for $1.29 was a lot cheaper than buying the ingredients to make it from scratch 🙂