On Friday, Mr. Thompson and I loaded the boys into the car and headed to Nags Head, NC for both of the boys’ first trip to the ocean!  It was supposed to be an overnight trip, but the hotel rates were ridiculous so we decided to try a day trip.  It was a lot of driving but it was still so worth it to see the excitement on their little faces.  Daniel and I have been looking at pictures of the ocean for a couple of weeks and talking about it so he knew what was up and was overly excited 🙂

On the way we stopped to eat snack in a little town called Creswell (we had no real idea where we were but it was time for Jack to eat something).  After looking unsuccessfully for a place to lay out a picnic blanket, I suggested that we pull into a random church parking lot and eat there.  So we did!  A gentleman was mowing the grass when we pulled up and started dragging snack out of the trunk.  About the time we started eating, he drove the lawnmower over (Daniel was thrilled) and offered the use of the church’s facilities.  We declined but were so encouraged by his care and hospitality; it was exactly the interaction that you would hope for in such a situation.  I know nothing of the church’s theology, but if you ever are driving through the area on a Sunday morning, I can nearly guarantee a warm welcome at St. John Baptist Church in Creswell, NC.

I had done a little homework (surprised?) and chosen a public access with a bath house and life guard.  The access that we used was Jenette’s Pier which we highly recommend and afterwards we had lunch at a nearby grill that I’d also found online.  Fatboyz Ice Cream and Grill was conveniently located and yummy but pricey.  Next time I think I’ll pack our lunch and just buy ice cream there.

The boys were both asleep before we got off the first bridge–a definite sign that they had played their hearts out 🙂

I know that most people (including us) usually use the word “beach.”  However at this time in Daniel’s verbal development, we are avoiding words that are similar to foul language as much as possible.  Just in case you were wondering.