I’ve been working on a little project for a while now, but have just finally got it finished a few weeks ago.  A year or so ago, I saw this and really wanted it for my boys.

However with a price tag of $190, I couldn’t afford it, and actually in a 1300 sqft house, I didn’t have room for it.  When I was trying to decide how to rearrange the boys’ room without the changing table, I realized that I could make a “cave” space by moving the bottom bunk out from under the boys’ bunk bed set.  Jack is still in the crib so I use the top bunk for storage 🙂

After some planning…

And a little cutting and sewing…

We have fun little hide-away!

 My sweet boys love it!  It’s already a favorite reading and hiding place 🙂

I already have plans drawn up for a castle, but it’ll be a while before I manage to get started on it.  I’ll post pictures whenever I get around to it!  In the meantime, we’re having fun building campfires out of Lincoln Logs!