I have a lot of blog catching-up to do, but I’ll save that for later 🙂  Right now, let me tell you about preschool!  Last week was Daniel’s first week of homeschool preschool.  If you’ve ever taught preschool or had a child in preschool, you probably already know that it’s mostly playtime so to be perfectly honest, I didn’t make a ton of changes to our day.  In many respects, my home runs like a preschool anyway!  I rotate toys every month with a few favorites (car, blocks, books) always available and separate our day into free/individual play (Mommy does housework time) and group play when the three of us play together, go outside, etc.

So…when I decided to start preschool with Daniel, it pretty much boiled down to the addition of about 30 minutes on 3 days a week with some intentional instruction dealing mostly with pre-handwriting skills, letters, numbers, and exposure to new concepts/information.  Our first week was A and astronauts.  Since Daniel already knows his letters, I’m able to focus on the fine motor skills a lot more.  Let me tell you: he LOVED it!  He loved everything we did and just soaked that new information right into his little brain!  He especially loved the vocabulary cards (astronaut, helmet, rocket, moon, and earth) and the scripture verse (which I made into a little song to help him memorize).  We “had school” on T-Th just as I had planned – immediately after Jack lays down for his nap.  On Friday I laid Jack down and walked out of his room to hear Daniel exclaim, “Now we can have school!”  I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was to see the excitement on his little face!  Of course, I hadn’t planned anything for Friday but I whipped something up quickly (thank you, Lord, for 6 years in the classroom!) and we had school!  It is so sweet to see him learning and growing!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be Mommy and teacher to my boys!

Praise him, sun and moon!  Praise him, all you shining stars!  Psalm 148:3