Within the last month, I read No Longer a Slumdog which describes the plight of children in Asia and the mission attempts by a group named Gospel for Asia (GFA).  One detail that peaked my interest was that the children attending school through GFA are led in prayer before the beginning of their school lessons.  Hmm.  Although I know that the Lord uniquely fashions each person with his/her own mental abilities, memory, physical abilities, talents, gifts, etc., it honestly has never crossed my mind to pray before attempting to learn something new outside of spiritual/scriptural truths.  But certainly, God is sovereign over the ABCs and Daniel’s understanding of them.  And his ability to carefully trace over that dotted line.  And his understanding of the book we read together today.  It hasn’t been as consistent as I’d like, but whenever I remember, Daniel and I have been having prayer before we start “school,” asking for God’s blessing on his hands, his mind, and especially his heart.  I see already that schooling my sons will come with many challenges and, Lord willing, blessings!