The month always seems to fly by and when it’s gone, there’s so much that I missed sharing on the blog.  That makes me sad because the blog really serves as a family journal of sorts, and I want for all of you to be able to see/hear about the normal, everyday things that the boys do.  So I’m taking a page out of Sarah’s book and doing a month in review.  Kind-of a catchall post!  With captions 🙂

Daniel and Jack had their faces painted for the first time.  This was completely unplanned; there was just free face painting at Chick-Fil-A that day!  Daniel asked for a yellow spider, and Jack asked for a blue dog 🙂

The boys LOVE to take baths together, and Daniel (as you can see) is getting braver about the water.

On Monday and Tuesday afternoons, Daniel waits as patiently as he can for Jacob and Luke to arrive on the school bus.  He has waited at the window for up to TWO STRAIGHT HOURS!

Jack has a new-found love for this monkey.  I love it because it reminds me of my Granddaddy, who used to wear a toy monkey randomly while playing with us.

We’ve been having a campfire about once a week at the request of little Daniel!  Sometimes we have sparklers courtesy of our sweet neighbors but we almost always have “marmellows” or s’mores.

Daniel got his own library card!!  He was so excited!  Here he is reading the first book he checked out while drinking his nighttime milk.

Carving a smiley pumpkin with Daddy was great fun!  Daniel said, “That’s a silly pumpkin!”

Just because they’re so stinkin’ cute!

Our planned trip to the pumpkin patch with the Robbins family was rained out so on Monday we went to the WEBC pumpkin patch.  Most everything was gone since it was the last day but the boys loved the corn box that Pepa built!

Mommy’s knights in shining armor!


Well, that’s about it!  It was a long post but now I feel better!