Daniel has embarked upon a new chore.  Last week as I was going about my housework, Daniel said, “I need to do my work.  I wash the dishes.”  Now let me be honest, the Thompson household prefers to cook and eat with clean dishes so allowing Daniel to become the principal dish-wisher (as tempting as that may be) was out of the question.  So he became the dish-rinser 🙂  I’m able to catch anything that doesn’t get well rinsed since I am still the principal dish-washer.

I also have a confession to make: I have not really enjoyed this process.  I know that in the long run, it will be a worthwhile endeavor, but for the last several days it has taken as much as 3 times as long as usual to finish the dishes.  Have I ever mentioned to you how much I despise washing dishes?  It is a chore that I loath.  BUT, Lord willing, my boys will one day be men who are given the responsibility of working hard to care for their families, and I desperately do not want to squelch the desire that they have to be helpful and work hard.  That being said, here is our first official “Daniel is the dish-rinser” broken dish:

Ironically, the glass that was broken was Handy Smurf 🙂

I am praying for patience, endurance, patience, and endurance, patience and endurance.  Training children in righteousness is way out of my league; thankfully nothing is impossible with God, and His blessed Holy Spirit will give me the strength to be faithful.