After the time change last fall, both of my boys started waking up at 6:30 (an hour early), and I had really forgotten all about it as we adjusted our schedule to their new wake time.  But over the course of the year (and the new time change), they gradually returned to their original schedule.  Then…guess what?  The time changed again.  Uh.  Too early.  Too early!

Mr. Thompson has graciously agreed to let me purchase window treatments for the kitchen (where the majority of the light is coming into the house) even though it was not budgeted in for this month.  So I went online shopping because it’s the only way I have any time to comparison shop.  I knew what I wanted, but I also knew that $150 was not what my husband meant when he said that I could purchase window treatments.  There are three windows in our kitchen, and of course I wanted fabric and functionality….meaning Roman shades.

Now, let me be honest.  I don’t like our kitchen.  Mr. Thompson is in love with its orangish-brown stained wood panel walls and cabinets, but I think that it looks like a cave.  I’m always inspired by renters who boldly paint walls and make changes knowing that they can change it back, but once you paint wood, you can’t take it back to being stained so that’s not really an option for me.  I must add as much pretty as I can to an ugly space in the hopes that it will be decent when I’m done.  ALL of that to say I really wanted to purchase something that I loved, not just something that would do.  And the Lord was SO good 🙂  Yesterday, I found 3 WHITE (oh, how that room needs some white!) Roman shades – with blackout lining nonetheless – for a total of $55!!!  I can’t wait for them to arrive and put them up  and show you some before and after photos!  I think that I may even add a little trim to them. We’ll see.