It’s Thanksgiving Day.  I hope that you have a super blessed day remembering all of the reasons that you have to be thankful.  For believers this day has so many layers of meaning, and I pray that you’ll fold back more than a few layers today and truly explore the depths of gratitude that you have in Christ.

In keeping with our family tradition, I have been putting up our nativities today while Jack naps and Mr. Thompson and Daniel hang out at Grandma’s house.  I never gave much thought to the practical side of family traditions until I became a mom.  My family has loads of little traditions that make holidays special–decorating the tree together as a family, my dad’s famous homemade turtles, oh, the list goes on and on!–but they always just seemed to happen.  Little Kay didn’t think about the preparation that these traditions required.  Now I am the one who has to think in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly (or as smoothly as possible) for our family’s traditions.  It is such an honor to oversee these traditions that I pray will, by repetition and instruction, point my boys to the truth of the gospel.

Here are a few pictures of my progress today.

My table before I got started.  Don’t judge me harshly, please; this is real life.

Our table afterwards.

These wreathes are random and have nothing to do with the nativity tradition.  I just also got them made today for free using things that I already had laying around the house and clippings from my yard!