In a few hours, it will be my big sister’s birthday.  It’s a big birthday.  You know…the ones that are divisible by 5 are more important than the others.  Today as I was thinking about this post, I was struck by how different my sister and I are.  We are very different people.  When we were children, this caused its fair share of disagreements; often I couldn’t understand Renee’s perspective and she was equally blind to mine.  But God is very gracious.  Very gracious indeed.  As we have grown up, our differences have become complementary.  In the areas where I am lacking, Renee is wonderfully able.  When I am matter-of-fact, she brings grace to the forefront.  When I am overly rigid (oh no, that would never happen), she brings flexibility and ease.  Occasionally I still have to put on my super-sister glasses to see things from her point of view because that is just the way God made us, but as an adult, I know that there’s something to gain from seeing situations from her perspective.  Such a sister is a blessing beyond measure.  A friend in all circumstances.  A rock in times of hardship.  A listening ear when my heart is heavy.  A ready laugh when times are joyful.  Today and every day I am so thankful that in his infinite mercy, God gave me a big sister.