At 6:06 pm on December 19, 2009, God sent our family a beautiful baby boy.  He was a perfectly-timed, unexpected blessing.  Tonight we celebrated his 2nd birthday, and I’m trying so hard to decide how these years disappeared.  My “baby” is speaking in 4-5 word sentences, running through the house, building with blocks, wrestling with his daddy and brother…how can he be so big already?  I suppose that this is a question that I will be asking for the rest of my life.  We are so thankful for Jack Dossie Thompson.  When God sent Jack, he sent love, laughter, an abundance of cuteness, and yet another reason to give thanks.  Happy birthday, sweet Jack!  Daddy and I continue to pray every day that you will grow strong in your body and in your spirit, that you will become a man of God, and that the Lord would graciously draw you to himself and then use you in mighty ways.  We love you right up to the moon and back, sweet baby Jack!