Guess who landed himself in the ER?

Here’s the story in as few words as possible while being coherent.  Daniel received a really fun liquid-filled ball at Christmas which he bit into the following day.  Great.  I scoured the package for warnings (only a choking  warning) and tried to call the company (closed for Christmas) so we decided just to be observant and wait.  Fast-forward about 8 hours.  Daniel’s been acting and eating fine.  In the middle of the night, Daniel wakes me up calling for me.  Hmm.  5 am: Daniel starts throwing up.  That’s the warning bell.  7 am: we are checking into the ER at Pitt Memorial.  I tell this story several times and produce the ball (in a baggie) from our bag along with the company’s information.  Daniel gets all hooked up to an oxygen monitor and blood pressure cuff (he didn’t appreciate this at all), given a dose of Zofran, and falls fast asleep.  Five hours later, they inform us that the contents were non-toxic and that he just happened to have a nasty virus that caused him to start vomiting.  WHEW!  I never knew I could be so thankful for a nasty virus that causes vomiting!  He’s still miserably sick BUT that’s all.  Praise the Lord!

Between his nap and checking out of the hospital, he colored in the activity/sticker book that his Sunday School teacher Mrs. Janet gave him for Christmas, and I sat beside him coloring or reading Better Homes and Gardens (depending on the moment).  A mom/teacher likes to be prepared 🙂

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