Jack’s birthday post was quite lacking as a developmental update.  I’ll blame that on the time of year, but a week or so later I have time for  a longer post so here it goes.  Don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to read this; I don’t mind.  The blog functions as somewhat of a journal for me though so I wanted to take time to record these things here.

Jack is as loud as Daniel is quiet.  We tried to make a list of all of the words that he can say but gave up around 125.  He is a talker!  Most of the time, he speaks in 4-5 word sentences.  My favorite speech development is when he says, “I not the bed,” instead of “I don’t want to go to bed.”  It’s so cute to hear him express himself in this incorrect way.  “I not the eat dinner.  I not the go inside.  I not the big mess.”  It’s just too cute, and I love this little verbal phase.

All of his motor skills are on cue.  He loves to color and climb (boy, does he love to climb), stack and ride his little tricycle.  He hasn’t quite mastered pedaling yet but he probably will within the next few months.  For now he just uses his feet to scoot around behind Daniel 🙂

Jack loves to “read” his picture books.  He’ll point at and name things for as long as you can sit there listening and loves to turn the pages for me when we’re reading together.  He also loves.loves.loves. trains and tractors.  I am always being asked to make a track with a tunnel (one that loops under the corner of the bed!) and fix (aka replace the batteries in) his battery-powered Thomas the Tank Engine.

Jack loves his family so much.  He is so used to being at home with me and Daniel that he is sincerely sad when we’re apart.  “IT’S DADDY!”  is the happy cry that we hear every day at lunch and again when Mr. Thompson returns home from lunch.  Jack just loves for us to all be together.  He and Daniel have begun to have their first fights; I know that this is to be expected but it makes me so sad.  We’ve been having lots of talks about not fighting for sinful reasons and I suppose that those discussions will continue throughout their lives in our home.  I must say that some of the “fights” are really just Jack being a little over-sensitive.  Mr. Thompson was teasing him the other day and tussled his hair, and Jack cried out, “Mommy, Daddy is fighting me!”  It was hilarious, but we had to contain our laughter because he was taking it very seriously!

A random accomplishment: Jack learned this week to blow his nose!  That is just a wonderful thing; goodbye aspirator!

We are so, so thankful for Jack and his little personality!  There are difficulties in every stage of childhood, but  also so many precious joys, gifts from our Father above.  We love you, Jack!