Daniel is w.a.y. off schedule with his check-ups.  It’s one of those crazy insurance/scheduling things; when you schedule an appointment based on the doctor’s schedule, then the date sometimes gets pushed back and then the insurance company won’t let you get back on course later because it hasn’t been 6 months since the last visit.  La de da de da.  SO  Daniel just had his 3.5 year visit today.  Normally, kiddos don’t have a mid-year visit at this point, but our doctor loves seeing us so much and well..you know…my kids are pretty skinny 🙂  The good news is that Daniel is around the 15th percentile for weight!!  That’s something to smile about!!  I was really hoping that our doctor would say that he didn’t need to continue taking supplements, but that’s where the not-as-good news comes in.  Daniel is also in the  75th percentile for his height which means that his height/weight ratio is still super low 😦  So Daniel might be 10 before he knows what plain milk tastes likes!  We are so thankful that he is gaining weight and that his appetite has really picked up!