Occasionally I take a look around at the other stay-at-home moms of the world and think that I really need to get myself together.  From where I stand, they seem to be doing it all and doing it extremely well.  They appear to have showered, fixed their hair, AND applied make-up that morning.  Their children are so, so well-behaved.  Their house is clean.  Their dinner is delicious and will be done promptly on time.  Oh, you know.  You know.

The truth is that they are people like I am.  Although I may not be able to see it, I know that doing all of those things well all of the time is impossible if for no other reason than their children are sinful like the rest of us.  This is especially tempting for me on weeks like this one.  Our little family is sick (nothing serious), and everything and everyone is a little off.  What a blessed time to remember that the same heavenly Father who assigns my roles is gracious and forgiving, my help and my strength!  Am I doing what He has required as best as I can in my current circumstances (whether it’s sickness, the addition of a new baby or responsibility, or typical life)?  If so, then I am measuring up as far as possible, and my Father looks tenderly at my inabilities and treats me with compassion.  My goal is to stop looking around and start looking up, to focus on my God-ordained tasks to the best of my abilities on this given day.  Then with God’s grace I will be able to be joyful and content in the life that He has given me!