Daniel has been having some bad dreams randomly and waking up in the middle of the night crying and calling out for me.  It’s absolutely heartrending.  I’ve tried several times to get him to talk to me about the dreams to no avail.  Mr. Thompson and I weren’t sure if he just couldn’t remember the dream once he was awake or if he was too frightened to tell us.  I have thought through everything that he reads, watches on TV, etc. to be sure that nothing was too scary, talked with him, and prayed with him but the nightmares have continued.

*Aside: I’m not talking about every night, more like once a week or so.*

Last night, he had a nightmare when we were still up so I ran in there, and he was still asleep.  In his sleep he was crying out, “I don’t WANT to take a bath!  I don’t WANT to take a bath!”  Then he started demanding a smoothie to drink.  It was so, so funny to me that those were the things that he was dreaming about in his “nightmares,” but of course I didn’t laugh at the moment.  After several tries, I managed to wake him and help him get settled back down.  Mr. Thompson and I had our laugh of the week as I retold the story to him.  Our sweet little boy!

Later I told Mr. Thompson that I am so thankful that those are the only things that he has to be frightened of right now.  So many little ones have real fears.  God has been so gracious.