Have you looked at the link that was in my last post?  The writer is a mother of five sons who are evidently consistently engaged in dangerous activities.  I don’t mean climbing too high on the jungle gym; I mean smuggling Bibles into Communist China and fighting in wars and such.  She makes the assertion that the opposite of fear is faith, and that as a wife and mother, God commands that she trust her family to the Lord and not worry.

There are moments of clarity in our lives, as if the veil of the temporary is quickly lifted and we see through to the eternal.  Two days ago or so, I read that post and the Lord lifted my veil.  Today I am given at least one situation in which God will be using that post in my life.  My youngest brother is a Marine, and just finished up in part of his schooling near the top of his class.  His next training will be for his permanent position in the Corps as foreign anti-terrorism support.  Sounds nice and safe, doesn’t it?  He still has some training left so he will probably not be in any unusual danger for several months, but I will begin praying now both for his safety and the faith of those of us who will be left here praying.