This past weekend, we celebrated Daniel’s fourth birthday.  I must admit that I got misty-eyed several times the week of his birthday; four years have never flown by so quickly, and I have been feeling that we were on the edge of “big boyhood.”  Mr. Thompson and I had planned a camping-themed birthday party for Daniel’s big day.  Our family loves to camp and have backyard campfires over which we roast marshmallows and enjoy each other’s company; it’s just our little thing.  We secretly hoped that the weather would cooperate and that we’d be able to invite some of Daniel’s buddies and their dads to camp out on Friday night before the party, and God was so gracious in causing that to happen perfectly.  It was a warm Friday and a warm night.  The boys and their dads staggered in beginning around 5:30 and over the course of the next 5 hours (or so!) there were hotdogs and marshmallows roasting, boys chasing, sparklers burning, lanterns glowing, dads relaxing, and basketball playing (on the radio–it is March, people!).  It was such a blessing to hear the boys’ laughter floating through the open kitchen windows and listen to their funny conversations (I don’t actually think that they realized that I could hear everything that they were saying so it was QUITE funny!).  Best of all, my big boy still wanted his mommy to lay beside him in the tent until he fell asleep 🙂

On Saturday it rained but you know, an open house can be in the house as well as in the yard.  Thankfully the rain mostly held off while the dads broke down camp and the boys ate breakfast under/around the carport.  We were so, so blessed to have many of our family and friends be able to come and share Daniel’s special day.  He was so excited about blowing out his candles that I barely got a picture.  Honestly, I took about 10 and this is by far the best one!

Our open house hours were 10 am-5 pm, but my small man didn’t make it quite that long.  At about 4:45 (with family and friends still in the house), Daniel passed out in my lap.  It might sound silly, but it was the highlight of the weekend for me.  My dear friend Sarah was sitting across the living room, and said the words that my mommy heart longed to hear: Maybe he’s not such a big boy after all.  🙂

Happy birthday to a miracle, my baby “as long as I’m living.”