Our home has become an arena for many knight adventures.  The boys received some castle blocks for Christmas (Thanks, Aunt Del!), but when I finished helping Daniel build his first castle, he asked where his knights were.  Knights?  What knights?  Daniel suddenly lost interest.  That week I ordered a set of plastic knights.  🙂  On mostly days, Knights Daniel and Jack save Princess Mommy (um yes, that would be me) from dragons (to the naked eye, they appear to be swings and wagons).  One day, Jack asked for a knight song.  When I responded that I didn’t know any knight songs, he asked me to make one.  OK.  Time to write a song on the fly.  This was my little ditty; it has three verses because he kept insisting on more parts.  “Now one about Knight Daniel!  Now one about Princess Mommy!”

Once upon a time there was a princess/Locked in a tower and guarded by a dragon/A great big, green, ferocious dragon/Along came Knight Jack on his white steed/Slayed the dragon and saved the princess

Once upon a time there was a dragon/A great big, green, fire-breathing dragon/Guarding a princess who was locked in a tower/Along came brave, wise, strong Knight Daniel/Slayed the dragon and saved the princess

Once upon a time there was a princess/Jack and Daniel’s Princess Mommy/Married to Prince Daddy and living in a castle/Guarded every day by Knights Jack and Daniel/Slaying dragons and saving Princess Mommy

Jack insisted that I sing it repeatedly, and it has become his go-to song request during our swinging/singing time.  So despite it’s lack of musical or lyrical genius, it’s a success for our family.