Yesterday morning, the boys and I sat down for our breakfast and Bible time.  When we finished eating, we read the story of Issac’s birth.  The boys don’t really understand yet why his birth was especially miraculous, but I did my best to explain.  Afterwards we prayed and then sang a song.  We’re working on memorizing A Mighty Fortress is Our God so we sang the first verse.

Then Jack asked to sing the knight song.  🙂  I sang the song through one time, and then Daniel looked at me and asked, “What castle?”  You’ll remember that Princess Mommy and Prince Daddy lived in a castle.  Motioning around I said, “This castle!”  Now-Daniel hasn’t seen many castles but he’s seen enough to know the difference between my kitchen and a castle so he looked a little skeptical.  “You don’t think this is a castle?”  “This is not a castle.”  I paused and thought about how to explain.  “We don’t have a big castle like you build with your castle blocks or fancy furniture and tapestries, but we have love, and that’s better than all of those things.  So this is our castle.”  He was satisfied; well, at least he didn’t look so skeptical anymore.  And I decided that I will hereafter refer to home as The Castle.  It has all of the meaningful riches that this life can afford.