I typically plan our menu out a month at a time.  That seems like a lot, I know, but it really helps me to stay on track with cooking instead of eating out.  Normally I make a plan at the beginning of the month for as many dinners as we’ll need (every night except ones that are already filled with social events like weddings where we’ll be fed).  Having a meal planned for every night allows us to eat out when circumstances demand it because we haven’t planned an eat-out night and busted our “entertainment” budget.  So I make a master recipe list for the month and a master grocery list for the month (oh, it is SO bad if I lose this).  Then I am free to buy the meats that are on sale from my list and plan each week off of my list based on the meat that was purchased.  Does that make sense?  I spend no more than $2/lb on meat and $1/lb on fruits and veggies unless it is a culinary emergency.  Daniel and Jack crying for overpriced apples does not count!  🙂  A few friends have asked about the recipe list so I thought I’d share May.  I repeat a few favorites but not much because Brian likes a little variety; I could eat the same 7 meals every week and not care.

  1. cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries (my favorite!)
  2. cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries
  3. hotdogs and homemade chips (the guys always eat this when I go to our church ladies’ meeting because I don’t care for hotdogs)
  4. spaghetti (Daniel’s favorite!)
  5. spaghetti
  6. Italian chicken (crock-pot) (repeated because it’s very yummy and so, so easy for a Sunday lunch!)
  7. Italian chicken (crock-pot)
  8. Ranch chicken (grill)
  9. Chicken enchiladas
  10. Taco salad
  11. Burritos
  12. Grilled chicken Caesar salad
  13. spicy chicken and rice
  14. homemade pizza (Jack’s favorite!)
  15. homemade pizza
  16. Dave Ramsey soup
  17. Pepper-Lime chicken
  18. chicken jambalaya
  19. rubbed pork chops (grill)
  20. BBQ pork loin (crock-pot) (Brian’s favorite!)
  21. BBQ pork loin (crock-pot)
  22. Crock-pot fajitas (new–we’ll see!)
  23. homemade chicken nuggets (new–we’ll see!)
  24. Cheesy chicken and rice bake
  25. honey sesame chicken – crock-pot (new–we’ll see!)
  26. Baked ziti
  27. BBQ pork chops (grill)
  28. BBQ chicken (grill)
  29. leftovers (boring but necessary)

It’s getting late, and I’m exhausted so I going to go to bed.  BUT I’ll come back later and add more links to recipes.  I might even give you a few other posts on recipes that we eat regularly but that are in cookbooks or in my brain 🙂