Yesterday went well for the first day; 4 out of 7 pee-pees made it to the toilet!  This morning he still said, “No, Mommy.  I want to wear my diaper.”  I’m not discouraged by that since Daniel responded the same way on day 2.  Toilet training is hard work for them, and they are having to learn new cues from their bodies and match that with the expectations from Mommy.  It’s so much nicer the second time around because I was completely prepared for it to be a long, messy day and therefore didn’t struggle with frustration.  I will say that it is devastating on a housecleaning schedule because I spent my entire morning hours watching Jack like a hawk to catch him when he started using the bathroom.  Thankfully I was able to (mostly) catch up during his nap!  I’m very hopeful that he’s going to really do it; he’s doing so well!