Yesterday was day 2 of toilet training for Jack, and it was a great success 🙂  He had two accidents in the morning during his last stretch of nude time, but once he put on those big boy underpants after his nap, he was accident free.  Both of my boys really knew how to “hold it.”  Actually with each boy, I’ve had the same trouble – they don’t want to pee in their underpants, but they also don’t want to pee in the toilet.  This morning, Jack called out to me at 6:45 (ugh.) because he had managed to pull at his diaper (he’s still sleeping and napping in diapers for now) until it was nearly off.  So he knew that he’d make a mess if he peed.  Smart kid.  We went to the toilet; his body must have been about to explode but he would not let the pee come out.  {sigh}  I remembered something that my cousin had told me (she convinced her son that his pee and poop needed to be flushed so that they could go to a party-haha!), and told Jack that pee belongs in the toilet with the rest of the pee.  For whatever reason, that made sense to him.  You wouldn’t want your pee to not be with all the rest, right?  I do think that Jack has a strong sense of belonging and somehow or another, he attributed that to his waste.  Who knows.  But I can tell you that it worked.  He peed in the toilet right away – like magic.  I think that at this point, he’s definitely day-time trained.  Since he still usually wakes up wet from naps and bedtime, we’ll probably wait a little while before we work on night-time training.  We’ll probably have several set-backs, but that’s the way it goes!

On another toilet training topic (pretty much for your daily laughter therapy), Daniel has been a little bewildered about why he can’t get a chocolate chip every time he uses the bathroom.  I explained that Jack was learning and that the chocolate helped him to want to do it and then decided that Daniel would be allowed to have a chocolate as well when he encouraged or cheered for Jack.  I’ll let Daniel explain it to you.

Why do you get chocolate chips?