1. Totally Together
  2. Debt-Free U 
  3. Organized Simplicity
  4. Total Money Makeover
  5. Grace for the Good Girl
  6. One Million Arrows
  7. Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches
  8. The Fruit of Her Hands
  9. Seasons of a Mother’s Heart
  10. One Thousand Gifts
  11. Mornings on Horseback
  12. Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving (I may not finish this one…it’s not been overly engaging) *Update: I exchanged this one for Open Heart, Open Home which I thoroughly enjoyed despite how convicting it was 🙂
  13. Sacred Parenting
  14. Marriage Matters

Not on the list that I’ve read anyway :)

  1. Boyhood and Beyond (in case I don’t get around to writing a little review, let me just say that I loved and highly recommend this book!)
  2. The entire Anne of Green Gables series – I just wanted a little fiction :)
  3. Praise Her in the Gates
  4. Raising Real Men (just finished this afternoon-also excellent)