If you saw a lady and two little boys under a tree on a blanket on the side of the highway this morning, don’t laugh.  It was just me…you know, being my unusual self.  We weren’t even broken down or anything.  Actually this is how it happened.  Today I decided to try a new place to have my car serviced and inspected because they were a whopping $20 cheaper than my usual place.  The service station is located right by an off-ramp on HWY 301.  The waiting area was c.r.a.m.p.e.d.–as in 10 seats, 9 of which were filled.  I was in one chair holding a boy on each knee (trying so, so hard to keep them occupied with the dinosaur cards that I’d brought along for entertainment) while some trashy TV was blaring above our heads.  Thankfully we were seated under the TV so the boys couldn’t see it.  Eventually the inevitable happened, and the boys bumped heads and began howling.  Done.  Stick a fork in me.  Done.  I picked them up and out we went.  I grabbed our adventure bag from the trunk and plopped us all down under a tree.  We were about 35 yards from the highway, but at least we were out of that waiting room!!  I wish I’d had my camera 🙂  I put our blanket down, pulled out some fruit snacks, and examined Daniel’s face (I believe he’s going to have a black eye).  After a total of 2.5 hours of waiting, it was finally time for us to go.  One oil change and one inspection.  Whew!  I think that I’m going to give them one more try (after all, it’s A LOT cheaper); everyone has days when nothing goes as planned as I very well know and I’m hoping that they were only having one of those days.  Meanwhile, I was very, very thankful that this morning I had a refreshing time in God’s word.  I think that I would have completely lost it if God had not graciously provided the reflection that I needed this morning!

This is a random, funny footnote.  Several of the men working at the garage seemed so impressed that we would do something like camp out under the tree.  They commented on how they’d like to join us, how relaxed we looked, etc.  It was pretty humorous!