Tonight we didn’t have regular mid-week services at church because our body is preparing for the live nativity this week (Thurs. and Fri. nights starting at 7, if you’re in the area and interested.  I think lasts until 8:30 on TH and 9 on F).  Daniel did have practice for the children’s Christmas choir, but Jack is too young this year so only Daniel and I went to church.

That left a perfect opening for Mr. Thompson to take Jack shopping for his Christmas present to Daniel–something new that we’re starting this year.  One trip to Target with an Icee (sp?) and a crisp $10 bill 🙂

The boys are getting a Imaginext castle from their grandma and several other pieces from Nana so we decided that we’d let them each choose another piece of the set to give the other.  Note: the boys haven’t begun to understand the connections here SO buying a knight for Jack in no way tipped Daniel off that he’d be getting the castle.  It’s probably our last year on that trick.  

Well, things went quickly at choir practice.  Only 5 kiddos were there so there were fewer bathroom breaks and such 🙂  Daniel and I stopped at Food Lion for bananas and coffee!  Then I looked at the clock and realized that we had enough time to get Jack’s Christmas present while we were out.  We drove to Target (I scanned the deserted parking lot to be sure that Mr. Thompson had already left), zipped over to the Imaginext aisle and spied what we were looking for.  There were three knight/animal sets: one with a lion (Jack’s favorite), one with a phoenix (Daniel’s favorite), and one with an eagle.  Daniel chose the knight with the phoenix for Jack.  I emphasized that Jack really liked the lion, but Daniel insisted that he thought Jack would best like the phoenix.  Into the cart with the knight/phoenix.  As we walked to the car, Daniel asked if he could have a turn with the knight when Jack was finished.   Insert speech from Mom.  All.the.way.home. we talked about how Christmas presents are surprises and how Daniel should not mention the knight to Jack.  All.the.way.home.  When we got out of the car, I told Daniel that I was leaving the knight in the car so that Jack wouldn’t see it and reminded him not to say anything.

I was itching to know if we’d ended up with two of the same knights so as soon as we all said our hellos, I asked Mr. Thompson which one they’d gotten.  He whispered, “Come on; I’ll show you.”  We hadn’t even made it to our bedroom when we heard this:

Daniel:  Jackie,  I bought you a knight!

Jack: I bought YOU a knight!

We nearly died laughing as Mr. Thompson shushed Jack.  Mr. Thompson reached into the Target bag to reveal…the knight with the lion!  Through my laughs, I explained to my dear husband how each boy had bought his own favorite for his brother.  Then we chuckled a little more under our breath about how the “secrets” had lasted all of 30 seconds.  A few minutes later, as I was dressing Jack for bed, I asked him what he’d bought for Daniel for Christmas.  “A knight with a shield and a sword and a helmet and a LION!  After Daniel opens the present and has a turn, may I please have a turn?”

As we were saying bedtime prayers, Mr. Thompson thanked God for the laughter that our boys bring.  And boy, did they bring it tonight!