Tonight as I was tucking the boys in and praying for them, I prayed that God would bring them Godly wives.  Afterwards Jack asked, “What’s a wife?”  So I explained that a wife was a woman that was married to a man, her husband, and gave myself as an example.  “Oh.  I want Mommy to be my wife.”  (Insert a melted-heart Mommy.)

“Well, God has already given me to be Daddy’s wife, but I can always be your Mommy.”

“Okay.  Well then Daniel can be my wife.”

“No.  A wife is a lady.”

“Huh.  Well then YOU WILL be my wife!”

“We’ll talk about it in ten more years and see what you think then.”


Jack is obviously a little confused about all of the family roles, but I’ll keep praying for the little girls that will one day be my daughters-in-law.  In the meantime, I’ll also focus on trying to be the kind of wife to their daddy that I’d want for them to have one day.