This afternoon, the boys and I stopped by Target after our library visit so that I could buy some curtain rings for the schoolroom.  As we were leaving, Daniel ran a little ahead towards the door, and I called him back to hold my hand.  As he took my hand, I asked, “If you run ahead, who will protect me in the parking lot?!?”


At this point I laughed and responded, “Well, you’ve got me there!”  (Insert a confused Jack asking, “Who got you, Mommy?  Are you okay, Mommy?!?”)

Daniel continues, “I don’t protect you, Mommy!  That is what God does!  Silly Mommy!”

“Well, you’re right, but God uses people to do those things sometimes.  It’s one of Daddy’s job’s to take care of and protect us, and when Daddy isn’t with us, you help Mommy protect us.  That way you can practice so you’ll know what to do when you grow up to be a man.”

“Silly mommy!”

I don’t think that he was convinced.  Sweet boy.  Looks like we need to continue with our man training (it’s a good thing we have 13 years left!), but I’m glad that he knows for sure where our security really lies.