Mr. Thompson and I have been keeping a secret for about a month.  In January we purchased tickets to the circus for Feb. 7 and have been whispering about it ever since.  If you have or have ever had small children, you will understand why we waited to tell the happy news.  Selfishly, I didn’t want to lose my mind by telling them every day, several times a day that today wasn’t the day.  We had a plan in place.

Yesterday when Mr. Thompson came home for lunch, he broke the happy news.  “Tonight we’re going to the circus!”  The response was evidence that they didn’t know what we were talking about because Daniel smiled a little and asked, “Is it a restaurant?”  (Okay so our kids think that eating out is the pinnacle of excitement.)  Mr. Thompson was on top of it; he found a promotional video online and the boys stared with mesmerized eyes.  After good, long naps we picked Daddy up from work and headed to the circus.  IMG_3829 IMG_3834 IMG_3846 IMG_3849 IMG_3852 IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3870 IMG_3886 IMG_3889 IMG_3890

Our seats were incredible – 6th row!  I recognized the performers when they changed clothes for crying out loud!  Daniel stared intently at everything, not smiling or cheering but taking it all in.  Jack laughed and smiled and clapped and was generally delighted.

Jack “cried” whenever the animals went in the back.  Evidently people performing death-defying acts aren’t nearly as cool as elephants standing on their hind legs or tigers jumping over each other 🙂  When we left, I asked Jack what his favorite part of the circus was, and he said, “the animals.”  Favorite animal…the horses, of which I got zero pictures.  Daniel’s favorite part was the dragon, and he was trying so hard to reconcile the fact that dragons aren’t real with the fact that he’d just seen a very convincing one 🙂  Jack asked me this morning if we could go back to the circus tonight so I guess it was a hit!