Tonight it took such a long time to get the boys settled down and into bed.  It is 9:45 pm, and I’ve just left their bedroom.  We’ve been getting to bed since we arrived at home from church at 9:00, but I wouldn’t trade this bedtime for any quick and easy one that we normally have.

Tonight after our prayer as I was tucking Daniel into bed, he asked a question that he’d evidently come up with since our Bible time this morning after breakfast.  We’ve just finished up a little week-long study about the armor of God (right up their alley!) and have begun reading the book of 1 Samuel.  I picked this book because Samuel is introduced (after his miraculous birth) at about their age and the book has several important Biblical figures.  So Daniel asked, “Mommy, when Samuel went to live at the church and there were those bad men, what did Samuel do?”  I explained that Samuel wasn’t in a position to “do” anything, but the men were punished by God because they had stolen from God’s offerings.  By the time I left their room tonight we had discussed God’s justice (in punishing the men because Jack was concerned that God was being “mean”), His mercy (in allowing the men many years to repent), His holiness (in being unable to overlook their sin), and eventually the entire gospel message of how we all deserve that same punishment but can have it removed by trusting and loving Jesus with our whole hearts.  It was such a sweet time.  I know that the boys probably understood very little of what was explained but that will never keep me from telling them about it over and over again.  Of course, that’s pretty much what I thought after Bible time this morning too…right over their heads…but evidently not.  Praise the Lord!