This is not a deal alert, but if you’re interested, Children’s Place is running this deal through today.  This is a post about contentment.  Sorry for the disappointment.

Even though my boys have more clothes than they wear (mostly because if one of the three favorite shirts is clean, they are certainly not going to choose anything else), these types of subject lines always call my contentment into question.  Doesn’t Jack need another pair of blue jeans?  Wouldn’t Daniel love a new superhero shirt?  Shouldn’t I buy something new and cute (er…I mean handsome) for Easter?  Isn’t there anything they’d like to have?  You know…since it’ll be a good deal.

Oh, how weak I am to still be seeing value in these things.  If we weren’t already going shopping for it, then we obviously don’t need it.  Now if they sold men’s blue jeans, we’d be there because new jeans for Mr. Thompson are on the list for sometime this week whether I find a great deal or not, but Jack-he’s fine.  It seems that the Holy Spirit is still doing quite a bit of purging in my heart about which things are needed, which things are best and wisest.  {sigh}  Come quickly, Lord Jesus; this battle with sin cannot be over too soon.