1,825 days sounds like such a long time so I’m wondering how the first five years of your life could’ve gone by so quickly.  But it has, and today my sweet boy is five years old.  Being your mommy has sometimes involved things that I didn’t feel prepared to handle: NICU stays, therapy visits, morning leg stretches, not to mention the regular in-and-outs of colds and stomach bugs.  Miraculously when I think back over these years, those aren’t the things that stand out to me.  I remember your first smile and laugh, the first time that you reached out for me (and the many times since), snuggling on the couch surrounded by your favorite books, your first steps, the first time that you held Jack…I could go on for pages, but the point is that the joys of being your mommy have far and away outweighed the challenges.  God has been so loving and faithful to fill in the gaps where I just wasn’t enough, and in His mercy you are a growing, healthy, loving, smart little guy.  Suddenly you seem so big, and the chart on the wall tells me that it probably won’t be many more years before I’m looking up at you; but I’m going to continue to enjoy the ride.  I love you, Daniel.


Daniel- 6 weeks old