Oh, what a night.  It has been a smooth, easy day so I should have known that there would soon be a storm.  We left church, stopped by the grocery store so that I could fly in for milk and yogurt, dropped Mr. Thompson off at his mom’s house to put Papa to bed (he goes nightly now), and then drove home for hurried pajamas and tooth-brushing.  Daniel decided to disobey the rule about the box fan by playing with the knobs and jostling it…again.  For the 1 millionth time today.  Approximately.

“Daniel, go sit on my bed and wait for me.”

Correction.  Tears.  Suddenly, “Oh, I just want a new heart!  But I don’t have one!”

“Why do you want one, baby?”

“It would be so much easier to obey if I had a new heart!”  More tears.  From both of us.  He’s right, and we both know it.

Even with my new heart that loves God more and better, I know that I never can love Him in the way that I should or that He deserves.  It’s the reason we must have grace to be made right.  Again I had the honor of sharing the gospel with Daniel, to remind him of God’s goodness and mercy and faithfulness, of his wonderful plan to rescue those who will trust Him.  We prayed together again.  I pleaded with God for his sweet salvation for my son.

This is the hardest part of salvation for many.  The “poor in spirit” part.  It’s the part that children seem to understand so much better than adults who lean instead of their own understanding.  God has graciously opened Daniel’s eyes to his need, and we are earnestly praying that salvation will follow one day.