Last night something happened for the first time.  Mr. Thompson loaded up Daniel, Jack, and a truck-load full of stuff that I’d packed and drove away without me.  They were going on a men and boys’ camp-out with our church.  It is the first time e.v.e.r. since Daniel has been born that all three guys went somewhere and I stayed home.

I finished the housework at about 7 pm, and it stayed finished.  It was lovely, but I missed the antics of my little guys playing with their daddy.

I went right to work on my chosen project (the schoolroom) without any interruptions to get pajamas on and brush time and pick up the toys for the last time that day, but I didn’t hear the sweet little “thank yous” that they offer to the Lord each night.

I slept without interruption (except my own coughing), but no one slid into the bed beside me at 6:30 to cuddle and fall back asleep.

I made breakfast in record time, but no one exclaimed, “HOORAY!  Muffins cooked in the oven!!”  (That’s how Danny expresses the concept of fresh from the oven.)

I ate my muffin and drank my coffee listening to the songs of the birds, but I missed a certain spunky laughter that I normally hear at that meal.

I ran a few errands, but was thinking about when they’d be home.

I am so thankful for a quiet 16 hours or so, and it was lovely.  But it was a fresh reminder of how much of a blessing I have in my dear husband and my rambunctious boys.  I am refreshed and ready to once again enter into my callings with joy and gratitude.

Just to be clear (and so you don’t think I’m a complete loser) if I wasn’t still nursing a cold, I would have spent much of my time hanging out with my friends who also found themselves wonderfully freed-up (there are several families in our church with only boy kiddos).  Alas, it was not to be.

I am expecting them to drive up any minute now so I’m going to do the last few things on my list.  They won’t stay done long once the boys get home, but I don’t think I’ll mind.