As fall approaches, several friends and acquaintances have been asking about our plans for Daniel’s education.  We are homeschooling and, Lord willing, plan to do so throughout high school.  I’m going to write a couple of posts over the next few day/weeks to address the subject for those of you who are interested.  Today I’ll tackle our reasons for choosing a home education.

  1. It is our desire for our children to grow in understanding our world from a Biblical worldview.  Public educators are not allowed to teach from a Biblical worldview; at best, they can attempt to remain neutral and present delicate topics from a strictly logical point of view.  But this is difficult if not impossible, especially as a child enters middle and high school.  A believer’s view of  the world is necessarily different from our culture’s.  When they have developed discernment, we will (of course) expose them to other views of our world, but we want to be intimately involved in deciding when that should occur.
  2. We believe that parents bear the primary responsibility for their children’s educations and therefore desire to give our children the best education that we can.  Christians have freedom to educate their children in whatever way is best for their families, and many families find that they are able to do this best for their families in settings other than homeschooling.  For our family, homeschooling is the best way that we can fulfill our calling to educate the boys; being able to teach our children in our home will allow me to affect the content and quality of their educations while providing opportunities for them to develop life skills from Mr. Thompson and me.
  3. I love being at home with our boys, and the Lord continues to graciously provide all that we need* through Mr. Thompson’s income.  If someone loves children enough to spend all day long with other people’s children, it only stands to reason that she would want to spend all day with her own.  I fall into this category.  In my adulthood, my work has always revolved around my home and children.  Before the Lord blessed us with children, I taught elementary school and preschool.  It is my great desire to teach and serve our children in our home.
  4. We pray that our boys (and any future children, if the Lord wills) will be the best of friends, life-long companions who understand, appreciate, encourage, and love one another.  It seems reasonable to us that this goal is easier achieved when our children are each other’s primary playmates.  We pray that learning and growing alongside each other for the next 13-15 years will solidify our boys’ relationship in such a way that it will not be easily shaken in the years ahead.

So there you have it.  My plan for the next post is the topic of Classical Conversations and why we’ve chosen to participate in this particular program.


*A note about need: we live quite simply.  I gladly trade a newer car or larger, nicer home for the opportunity to educate our sons.  I also realize that not all families have this opportunity, and in those cases, I would encourage parents to send their children to public schools and then help them take ownership of that education in the evenings.