Today we finished our third week of homeschooling.  There is so much to communicate about our experience so far, but I’m finding that my mind isn’t able to arrange the isolated thoughts into cohesive paragraphs so this will be a post of lists.  Oh, I love lists.

Things that have surprised me:

  1. Jack has participated in school in its entirety every day despite the fact that he has quiet toys available in the schoolroom and access to his louder toys all over the house.
  2. Daniel has taken the lead in answering questions and reciting memory work; Jack is the more verbal of the boys and I expected that he’d be more forthcoming with the language aspects.

Things that have made me sigh:

  1. Trying to find an extra three hours in my day…evidently homeschooling moms read less for a reason 🙂
  2. We have already had a few bumps in the road that look like the phrases, “It’s hard,” and “I don’t want to do it anymore.”  I’m trying to take the opportunity to teach something more important (even more important than reading!): God made us to work, and the only reason that we wouldn’t want to do it well is sin.  Then we finish the dreaded activity, but I normally rearrange the schedule to make sure that the next activity is fun or at least easy for them.
  3. It was inevitable, but it has become so clear that fine motor skills are going to be a thorn in Daniel’s flesh.  Scissor usage, penmanship, even coloring are struggles for him.  And honestly, as a mom, that’s just tough to watch.  At the same time, I am so thankful that I have essentially boundless time to lovingly and diligently work on those skills…time that no classroom teacher, no matter how wonderful, would be able to devote to his needs.

Things that I absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, LOVE:

  1. My morning prep normally resembles this check-list: coffee, Bible in the schoolroom (mine gets moved all over the house in the course of a normal day), fine motor skill papers, current read-aloud, light a candle…I think we’ve got it!  Of course, when we’re no longer in Kindergarten and preschool, things will be more strenuous but right now, I’ll count it in the LOVE category!
  2. That spark, that I-did-it! look in their eyes, that laughter and enjoyment in learning.  Oh, I love it!  I love it!  They are so eager to learn more, to demonstrate what they know, to see me beam with pride.  As a classroom teacher, I always had to spend the first weeks earning the hearts of my students so that those looks would motivate them, but this time all of that love has been in place for years and the rewards are infinite.
  3. Things are so wonderfully flexible.  Wednesday we had morning guests for about an hour so I told the boys, “We’ll do all of our sit-down work before they arrive, and when they leave, we’ll do our read-aloud.”  Voila!  Problem solved.  We didn’t have to cancel school and were able to open up our home to our friends.  It was a blessing!