I have a lot of blog-catching-up to do, but not today friends.  Not today.  Instead I’ll tell you a little story of something that happened today in the mall.

We were at the mall on December 19, not to shop, but to ride on the cars outside of JC Penney since that’s what my birthday boy wanted to do on his birthday (more on this tonight when I get the boys into bed!).  The boys had already taken their two rides and were just playing on the machines, being happy little guys.  As I glanced down the hall of the mall, I saw the mall Santa coming our way (probably on his lunch break since it was 1 pm).  So I said to the boys, “Look, guys!  Here comes a man dressed up like Santa!”  They strained their necks to see, and as he approached, Daniel called out to him, “Are you real?”  Santa replied, “I feel real.  Don’t I look real?  Mrs. Claus certainly thinks I’m real.”  Jack interjected, “You look like you’re wearing pajamas!!”  Then Daniel answered, “JESUS IS MORE REALER THAN YOU!”  I laughed, and Santa quickly walked away.  Oh, the adventures we have!