Christmas always brings up my best memories of my childhood.  My childhood wasn’t perfect by any means, but as far as I can remember, my Christmases were.  Both sides of my family were fabulous at Christmas.  Reading the Christmas story.  Playing with my siblings and cousins.  Singing Christmas carols together as Daddy and Papa played their guitars, typically in at least three part harmony.  My Uncle Charles playing Santa Claus.  Carols around the piano at Mema’s house.  Oh, I could go on forever about how magical it all seemed to me.  Mr. Thompson said that I had a TV family after he attended his first Christmas with us.  He was wrong, but I understood the sentiment.

Recently I’ve read a few articles about how it’s okay to admit that your Christmas isn’t a TV family Christmas.  And I agree.  If it’s not.  Mine isn’t there as much as I wish it were.  BUT Moms, Dads, let’s not give up on it either.  In whatever ways your family celebrates Christmas, give it all you’ve got because the miracle of Christ’s birth is worth celebrating.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory.  It’s worth all of the scripture reading and Advent-candle lighting and singing and feasting we can do.  And if the Lord blesses it, it may become part of a beautiful childhood memory that will resonant in our children’s souls for the rest of their lives.