I’m reading Keep a Quiet Heart by Elizabeth Elliot.  (I highly recommend it.)  Today I read a quick chapter about the communion of the saints and the idea that the saints of old (both the famous and obscure) are cheering us on as we work for the Lord.  Not only that, but we are cheering one another on, “spurring one another on towards love and good works.”  It’s encouraging and invigorating to think that it honestly does matter that I taught geography today, scrubbed the kitchen floor, prayed for my sisters in Christ (not to omit brothers, but the sisters have been on my mind today!).  It doesn’t matter because it’s a great act of service; honestly it’s mostly mundane and hidden from human eyes, certainly not worthy of praise.  BUT it does matter because those things were done in obedience as an act of laying down my life.  So if you are weary today, feeling that the small obediences that make up your days are worthless, be strengthened by God’s word.  He sees.  It matters to Him.  Your brothers and sisters throughout all of church history are cheering you on to finish your race well.  It really does matter.