I am a tradition lover.  Our little family has lots of traditions – big and little, daily and annual, simple and elaborate, but all intentional.  Randomly something will happen that will begin a new tradition, but it’s rare since it requires an essential change in our lives (not as an absolute necessity but because if we’ve been doing it for a while, we probably already have traditions in place for it!).

A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for a hardback copy of Peter Pan, and I immediately wanted to buy it for Daniel.  We read Peter Pan on my Kindle this year during school, and it was one of Daniel’s favorite books, quickly becoming the basis for all kinds of imaginative play in the Thompson house.   But…for what occasion?  Not that I couldn’t just buy him a book, but it was a nice copy, and we typically don’t just buy extras.  And then, AH!  A new tradition!

We’ve decided that at the end of each school year, we’ll give each of the boys a nice hardback copy of a book that they loved from that school year.  I’m so excited (said the nerdy mom)!  The copy of Peter Pan that I originally saw in the advertisement was not what I was thinking so I passed on it, but since then I’ve bought Daniel’s Peter Pan and The Wind in the Willows for Jack.  Now I have to wait until May 2nd to give them to the boys!  I’ll post a picture of them with their books after they get them.