School has just closed for the day and (as much as possible) for the year.  For some unknown, undoubtedly-feminine reason, I want to cry.  Next week will still see my boys gathering into my lap for Bible time and prayer followed by calendar and some random activity to keep their minds fresh, and of course, the reading in our home will cease only when we’re gone.  Nevertheless the school year is officially closed, and one year that the Lord gave me to pour into my sons is gone.  It has been a fruitful one, but I will never get it back.  God is so faithful in giving me these sad moments.  They help me to cherish our days and seize the opportunities that daily come along to teach and love and train our boys.

Whether you homeschool or not, whether you have children or not, you are living your life for the one and only time.  Join me in a prayerful attempt at doing it well for the glory of God.