There once was a sweet little boy who refused to stay that way.  One night as his daddy was brushing his teeth, an important discovery was made.  A permanent tooth had stubbornly pushed upward through his gum behind the baby tooth in front.  The household authority on child development (aka Mommy) was immediately called to the scene and discovered that the baby tooth was loose.  With a bribe promise of $1 for his efforts, the boy was encouraged to wiggle his tooth incessantly until it came out.  The mommy smiled and cheered and clapped her hands for her not-so-small boy, but when he was tucked safely into bed, she wiped away a few little tears.  The next morning at church, the not-so-little boy gloried in his loose tooth, showing all who would look and marvel.  Later that day, when his mommy came to get him from his quiet rest time, the big boy smiled a snaggle-toothy grin and asked for his dollar.  The mommy smiled and cheered and clapped her hands.  She took pictures and posted them on Facebook for all her friends to see.  That night the big boy went back to church and gloried in his snaggle smile.  But that night when the big boy was safely tucked into his bed, the mommy wiped away a few more tears.