This morning at breakfast, the boys announced to me that they’d like to have a pet.  Again.  We’ve gone through a couple of fish, but they didn’t last long (literally).  Since we rent our home and don’t have a fenced in yard, a dog or cat is out of the picture.  The boys are sad about that, but they understand why we can’t have one.  I diplomatically held the discussion off by telling them to talk about it among themselves and read some books about different kinds of pets while Mr. Thompson and I discussed it.  Later, I promised, we’ll have a family meeting to decide.  The conversation moved on towards what would be a perfect pet, and I thought you would enjoy this snippet.

J: A dragon wouldn’t even fit in our house.

D: And then his head would put a hole in our roof.

J: Yeah, and dragons aren’t even real.

D: Yeah, and then the rain would come in our house.

J: And it would flood our house like when the rain flooded Piglet’s house.

[conversation moves to a retelling of the adventures of Pooh and Piglet to the best of their abilities]