Mr. Thompson and I always knew that the time would come to tell Daniel about his stroke.  When?  Why?  How?  We didn’t know then, but we trusted that the Lord would make it clear to us as we parented Daniel to the best of our abilities.  Last week the time arrived.  I had hoped that we could wait longer.  Maybe until he was 8 or 10 or… 

But Daniel found himself sitting down to do his copywork on last Wednesday, and despite all of his efforts (and friends, those efforts were heroic), he could not make his B look like the B that was already there nor could he make his B look as good as Jack’s.  And for the first time, he recognized it.  Frustration poured out of him as he began to verbally tear himself to pieces.  I rushed over from the kitchen sink and helped and consoled and reassured, but I knew right then that the time had come.  I talked it over with Mr. Thompson that night, and we decided to do it over the weekend.  On Thursday, I gave copywork with only straight line letters.  Friday we had a shortened day with only Bible and math.  Saturday was the big day.

Overall I’d have to say that it went well.  I showed him pictures from his NICU stay and explained that he had a stroke when he was in my belly.  I explained in 6 year-old terms what that meant.  Mr. Thompson and I talked about the consequences of the stroke and the things that weren’t consequences of the stroke (No, dear, everyone has to practice before they can skate or hit a baseball.).  “Do you have any questions?”  “Could I have a TV time now?” 

Daniel is a true introvert.  He loves people and isn’t shy, but he’s a thinker.  He mulls things over before he commits to expressing his thoughts aloud.  So we’re waiting to see how he’ll respond, and we’re praying.  Pray along, please.