Five years ago today at 6:06 pm, the Lord graciously brought an unanticipated blessing into full reality as Jack Dossie Thompson was born, nearly nine pounds of volume and energy.  So many things in our lives are exactly the same as they were that December, and yet those things are richer because of our second-born.  Today we’ll feast (pretty much all day long) and tell the story of how God blessed us with Jack and give gifts.  We’ll snuggle and give kisses and skip school.  It’s a day of real celebration because each child is a gift and blessing from the Lord, and our family was blessed with Jack.  He is Mommy’s smallest guy, Daniel’s best friend, Daddy’s wrestling partner.

I have lots of prayers for this smallest Thompson.  I pray that God will show His mercy in saving my boy.  I pray that he will be a Godly man who leads, protects, provides for, and cherishes the women in his life.  I pray that God will use that booming voice in wonderful ways to bring glory to our Lord.  I pray.  I pray!  I PRAY!

Join me in a birthday prayer for Jack even if you don’t read this on his actual birthday.  I know that our Father hears and answers.

Happy birthday, buddy.  I love you right up to the moon and back, sweet and silly baby Jack.