Here are Daniel’s comments during the first 12 minutes of tonight’s Duke game.  Daniel is an interactive basketball watcher so imagine an adorable, pajama-clad boy jumping around and cheering for his team.  I missed a comment or two in the noise of the game, but you get the picture.  🙂

Duke is fantastic-er!

Virginia is the king at this game. Isn’t that right?

Go Duke!

I want Duke to have the ball.

Trouble for Okafor?  (No, travel.)

Yeah, Duke!  2 -2…all tied up!


We almost got three points.


Virginia is terrible.


Man, Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke!  Go Duke!

Man!  When I said, “Go Duke!” it made Duke get the ball!

Yeah!  Jack, we’ve got 4!  Yeah!

If we say, “Duke is great!” that will make they score the goal and get 6!


Duke’s pass did the trick!

Go Duke!

Go Duke.

Hey, Jackie, if Duke scores this one, Duke will get 10.  So we want them to do that, right?

UH!  Who gets the ball?  The referee?

(singing) Ten points for Duke, Ten points for Duke.

Duke is playing very well tonight.  Right, Dad?

YEAH!  Hey, Mommy!  We have 1-ten 3 and they only have 1-ten 1!

Yeah, Duke!  We have 1-ten 5!

Now we got 1-ten 7 but the white team only has 11!

Aww man!  Now they have 1-ten 3 but we’re still winning.

If we get another point, we’ll have 1-ten 8.  Right, Jackie?

Yeah!  Duke, Duke, Duke!