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Deals and steals :)

Breaking Even

Based on the earning report that I just saw for the consignment sale from this past weekend, I broke even on clothes for my boys this spring and summer.  In the past I assumed that people spent money on clothes for their children, and while that is sometimes necessary, I have found that nearly all of my boys’ clothes can be purchased at consignment sales at which I am also selling clothes.  Even if I only sell $50 worth of clothing, that is more than sufficient to buy consigned clothes for both of them if I shop carefully.  With the exception of blue jeans (which rarely make it through a boy without holes!), I’ve never had anything on the “need” list that wasn’t met at a consignment sale.

Now if I can just conquer the temptation of the aforementioned sale emails…


Another great deal for you :)

It’s the week of Thanksgiving.  Are you feeling pulled in 100 different directions yet?  If so, maybe I can help ease a burden today! is a company that offers personalized cards of all sorts…holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you cards…pretty much any kind of card you can think of.  Today and tomorrow (Nov. 19-20) they are offering a free card to all of our readers!  So if there’s a special birthday coming up or a person to whom you’d like to say a unique “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Merry Christmas,” this is the perfect opportunity because FREE is my favorite price!

Here’s the code: TREATBLOGR

Have fun card shopping!

*This post is sponsored by  I haven’t tried their services yet but am looking forward to getting my free card and checking them out!

And the winner is…

Candace Holder!  WOOHOO!   We are so, so high-tech around here; Daniel literally just pulled your name out of a hat!  I’ll be sending your email address to Tiny Prints in a minute, and you should hear from them in a day or so with your promotion code!  It’s time to take that picture, friend!

The Christmas Card Craziness Begins!

Most of you who are family, close friends, or regular readers know that I am a little crazy about Christmas cards.  I l.o.v.e. Christmas cards.  Our list of recipients grows every year.  It’s getting close to 200.  200!?!?!  Yep.  You read that right.  Postage on 200 Christmas cards is pretty much out of our budget which is part of my craziness.  When I visit family for Thanksgiving, I hand out Christmas cards, we hand-deliver all of the ones within walking distance, and occasionally we’ll even stop in on someone just to hand them their Christmas card on the way to run an errand.  All of that plus my unusually strong desire to have all cards in the mail by Dec. 1 drives me to purchase/bargain hunt for Christmas card deals early.


I’ve already addressed 48 Christmas cards, I have 12 waiting to be addressed (they arrived yesterday), and I’ve just ordered 10 more from Tiny Prints that I am excited to share with you!  I ordered this beauty:

I love the colors, the inclusion of scripture…oh, pretty much everything about it!  I was able to personalize it with a picture of our family on the back, which is so important to us because many of the people on our Christmas card list don’t get to see us (read: our kids) very often.  Since I’ve ordered from Tiny Prints before and been so happy with their work, I know that I’m going to love these cards!


Tiny Prints has offered an $50 credit giveaway to one of you!!  WOOHOO!  $50 worth of free, festive, personalized Holiday Cards!!  That makes my heart sing!  So here’s the drill: leave a comment with your “must-haves” in a Christmas card.  That’s it.  I like to keep it simple.  On Wednesday, Nov. 14th a winner will be selected so you have a week to enter!  Even if you’re not the fortunate winner, you can always check out their promotions page and find a deal!

*Tiny Prints has sponsored this post, but the sentiments (and over-excitement) are all mine!*

Free toothpaste, anyone?

Do you have an eVIC account at Harris Teeter? If so, Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste is free with the $1 coupon at this link. I ended up paying $.07 for sales tax but that’s not bad for two tubes of toothpaste!

Our family stockpiles these type of items and uses the excess for Operation Christmas Child and to support the Baptist Children’s Homes; even if you don’t need it, you could donate it to a charity that does 🙂

Score of the Day

Total:      $46.43

–                 $42.56  (discounts and coupons)

=                 $3.87    Total paid

WOO HOO!  And a huge THANK YOU to my friend Holly for the extra papers!

Had to tell you!

This is a must-share deal!  Snapfish is offering 50 free 4 X6 prints, including free shipping!!  That’s right, friends, zero dollars and zero cent.  My favorite price is free!  The coupon code is HPINK50.  Just an idea: I used photoscape to add a word bubble to a picture of Jack for his birthday thank you notes.


I just got my free fifty cards from Shutterfly and lost no time in putting together a couple of cards for Mr. Thompson to choose from- thankfully he picked my favorite!  Anyway, I got to the checkout and smiled with happiness at my savings.  Paying $8.61 for S&H was a breeze when I saw this above it:


I love custom cards but I do not $112-love them.

So far, that makes 90 free Christmas cards.  I only have to hunt down about 20-30 more free cards and then I’ll have enough for our whole card list.

FABULOUS giveaway

Well friends, to be honest, I’ve mostly stopped entering giveaways.  I have very poor luck when it come to that sort of thing, but that’s okay because I’m seriously blessed.  I think I’ve scratched about 50 of those Food Lion cards…nothing…we even put in the internet code.  Anyway, I digress.

This giveaway from Tatertots and Jello is a must enter.

Good luck (though truly I hope I win!).

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